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Becoming a member of Jam Our Band is easy.  We take pride in our members and look for new ways to gain exposure. 

 Jam Our Band will provide you, the musician, a chance to be seen nationwide by anyone looking for a particular band or someone just wanting to discover new music.  By being a member, your band can post a video, sound clip, photos, and provide details about who you are, where you are performing, and projects you are involved in.  It’s basically having your own website without having to pay the high cost to maintain one.  You will be an exclusive member of a music only platform whose goal is for you to be seen.

Businesses, as a member of our site, you will have the opportunity to be found by those who need you the most.  Speaker repair, t-shirts, posters, guitar straps, sound and/or lighting production, etc.  Whatever you do, musicians and the general public can find you and no longer will you be lost in the mix of big business!      


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Where do I establish a password for my account?

Once a username is established and credit card info is entered, you will be sent an email to create a password for logging in. This helps keep things secure.

How do I change my profile name once my account is activated?

You can change your profile name to your band/musician or business name by going to profile settings once logged in. 

How do I upload audio to my profile?

Audio is uploaded in the "make a post" section of your activity page. Click on audio button, then click the upload attachment button. Upload content, then click post. Audio will then archive in the media section of your profile.

How do I cancel my membership?

We hate to see you go! If you need to cancel your membership at any time, you can send Jam Our Band an email requesting to cancel. Your profile will stay active until the end of that month. 

How do I know my credit card information is secure?

Jam Our Band takes this very seriously. We have a secure SSL certificate to make sure your information is secure on our site.